Would you like to be our dealer?

Since the first day, our aim has been to make our brand be known in an area as wide as possible. We knew that it would only be possible with satisfied customers and for sure our dealers who have helped us a lot to achieve our goals.

We provide entrepreneurs who we give dealership a system that we will win together by directing the customer mass with the advertisements we make over the internet. As an innovator company of the silver and accessories sector, we invite entrepreneurs who want to be a dealer and colleagues who want to improve their business to be a part of our system.

Within the scope of our dealership system, investors who will be a dealer of Tesbihane will experience the privilege of serving customers with reliable and innovative brand of industry.

The Tesbihane collections give you an innovative perspective on your work with all original precious and semi-precious rosaries, silver rings, wristbands, necklaces, earrings and other accessories.

Besides all the advantages mentioned above the service that we provide our dealers include many more advantages such as detailed training, visual support, after-sales service and dealer support units. We invite you to make a "Happy and Profitable Start" with Tesbihane.

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